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the One Point Hosting Services include unlimited bandwidth services ensuring that should you have spikes in traffic your customers will not be let down.

We offer a dedicated hosting service for your website, intranet, email, film and other services. We have unlimited bandwidth servers meaning you need not worry about user groups not being able to access your website during times of high traffic.

Our servers can even handle streaming applications such as TV, Radio and live broadcast.

Complete with an Intel Quad Core processor, our dedicated server is the ideal server for hosting medium traffic sites. If you need to run web applications and multimedia assets without unacceptable lag times, then our dedicated server is just the ticket for you.

  • 99.9% Network Connectivity
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited File Transfer
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • POP3/POP3 Secure E-mail Support
  • IMAP/Secure IMAP E-mail Support
  • Forwarding E-mail Accounts
  • Web Statistics
  • Support International Domain Names
  • MySQL Databases
  • PHP 5
  • SSL Secure Server
  • Streaming Video Support
  • Linux Operating System
  • 100 Gigabit Ethernet Connections