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First party and third party opted in business data available

Text Marketer

Send out sms text to your client base, alert them to your latest offers


With E-Marketer it's simple to send out newsletters or E-Shots.

Client Areas

Access your account and knowledge guides.


Bulk SMS Marketing

Providing low cost, easy to use SMS Software.
No set up or monthly fees. No contract period. Free account & free credits.

  • Add your own unique mobile reply number for just £12 per month
  • Credits never expire
  • Can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection
  • send to individual or bulk messages
  • 1 credit = 1 text message.
  • Send 1000 sms messages for £50

SMS Web Based Platform

Send SMS messages with our powerful web based cloud Bulk SMS system. Packed with easy to use features your Text Marketer account can be up and running in minutes ...

Delivery Reporting

Full delivery reports for every message you send.


create templates for regular use, templates are unlimited.


Create as many groups as you like, send bulk sms to a group is quick and easy, get full reporting from all groups and individuals


There’s two type of reports sent message and delivery reports.

Sent messages are messages sent from the platform.

Delivery reports are reports provided directly from the mobile networks.

Why use The One Point for your Bulk SMS?

  • Direct connections to UK Networks – ultimate reliability
  • Bullet proof IT systems, hosted with Web Fusion – 100% ‘uptime’
  • Longest established company – founded 2004
  • Easy to use web based system, no software to download
  • Unlimited technical support and expert advice

Call 01482 420150 for further details or sign up for a free account Register

Creating a new account can be setup very quickly, new accounts have 10 credits to start with to give you a feel for the system.