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Digital Marketing Services from The One Point include online, mobile and social marketing techniques.  these services are measurable and very cost effective.

Marketing is an essential part of any business, whatever shape and size. The right marketing is what makes it more than just an essential, it's what's going to make your business stand out from the crowd.

At The One Point web design Hull, we have a wide variety of marketing techniques and ideas that will get your business noticed; from cost-effective e-marketing to using bluetooth to push promotions directly to a potential customers phone, we have the right solution that will deliver a great return.


E-Marketing is a fantastic way of targeting the customers you want to speak to, in the geographic area you want to serve, in the sector that you want to market to, with the message that will get them to speak to you. We have an email broadcasting platform that means you can cost effectively communicate to up to 2 million decision makers at a time.No more licking stamps to put on envelopes that are unlikely to be opened.

Email Marketing Services avaialble from The One Point with full track and trace of all sends, opens and click throughs.

Our platform will let you know who opened up you email, when and what products or services they were interested in - it will even give you their name and number so you can proactively call them up. Our e-marketing service can also be used as a great way to send newsletters to your existing customers, keeping them up to date with your company. Either we can design the email or we can set templates so you can do it for yourself. Our platform conforms to all current marketing legislation.

Bluetooth Marketing

Can you imagine a world without mobile phones? Did you know that there are over 2 and half times more active mobile phone in circulation than there are PC's; and The Media Point can get you talking to them. Roughly 60% of mobile users have their Bluetooth service always turned on, therefore those users could be receiving location based Bluetooth messages from your business.

Bluetooth Marketing placed in the correct environment can produce excellent results.

Maybe you want to reach them at a football game or at a busy shopping arcade - either way Bluetooth is a really innovative way of speaking to you next customer. Our Bluetooth service complies to all current marketing legislation.

Mobile Text Marketing

Like E-Marketing, Text Marketing is low-cost and very effective. Our user-friendly system allows you to broadcast special offers and promotions to allow the receiver to respond how you want them to. Packages start from as little as 7p per text depending on the volume you wish to send each month.

Premium, Subscription and Charity Text Services

Ever wondered why 'text to vote' or 'text to enter' competitions are so popular? Well it is because they are so easy to set up, so easy to people to access and the competition holder takes a revenue share - everyone wins! We can help set up campaigns for you.

SMS, Premium Text and SMS Subscription services from The One Point utilise the fasting growing industry to get your message read - 99% guaranteed.Talk to us about how you can take a revenue share for every text one of your customers sends. Or maybe you want a text service for business reminders like 'Mr Smith - Dental Appointment Reminder - tomorrow 2.30'. These integrated services can really help you keep those important customers as well work effectively as part of a combined marketing plan.

Voice Marketing

Voice Marketing is widely used in the USA. In fact it was highly successful in George Bush's first presidential election campaign. The Bush administration were concerned that they would have a high percentage of 'stay at home voters', so they broadcasted a pre-recorded message to peoples home phonelines to motivate them to vote. The concept is simple - you select your target market and an opted list of data records (we can help you get this) and you set up a voice campaign that delivers a pre-recorded message to each listener or answer phone machine.

More sophisticated options can be integrated such as 'press 1 for our customer services team' or to 'buy now'. This could also be used to notify a customer that you have completed a task or project - the uses are limitless.